What will the iPnone 13 look like?

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Despite the fact that the iPhone was introduced recently, you can already find all kinds of speculations on what iPhone 13. We unveil all these rumors here:

What will the iPhone 13 look like?

What the iPhone 13 will bring us

What is not lost on anyone is that the new iPhone 13 will have a better processor, surely more RAM and a better camera. However, what is generally more striking is the incorporation of new material into the phone.

An improved fingerprint reader

One of the most anticipated aspects is the fingerprint reader under the screen. Apple users have seen how the fingerprint reader has disappeared in the latest models, now the Apple company seems to want to get it back and wants to do it much better than in the previous models, realizing this half of the screen is able to recognize users’ fingerprints.

Goodbye ports?

Another of the most controversial rumors is possible disappearance of ports on the phoneor. That would make way for a whole wireless connection, headphones, battery charging which we remember can already be done wirelessly on the iPhone 12.

Removing these ports would make it easier for engineers to present a much thinner model, since it would not depend on any specific port. On the other hand, there is also speculation about the demise of the normal SIM, which would go digital.

A more efficient battery

In regards to batteryIt’s not just that it would have a higher capacity, it’s that a complete overhaul of it should improve its performance a lot more. The lack of ports also limits battery space less, so engineers could take advantage of these new spaces for a larger and therefore much more durable battery.

Better screen

In addition to the changes in the camera, players are lucky. This is because everything indicates that the new iPhone 13 will have the expected 120 Hz cooling. This is of particular interest to anyone who intends to play with the phone or view multimedia content on it. With a higher refresh rate in hertz, movement is much smoother and therefore more pleasing to the eye.

Hopefully a lot of these rumors start to come true and we start to learn a lot more about what the iPhone 13 will bring us in the future.

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