What is LinkedIn, how does it work and how can you use it?

LinkedIn is one of the online communities of the professional network that has gained the greatest relevance since its inception in the year two thousand and two, especially in December of the same year, in different parts of the world in different parts of the world, the development is that you are a group of five people can give these are Allen Blue, Konstantine Guericke, Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly and, last but not least, Jean-Luc Vaillant.

Its application compatible with devices that work with Android or iOS, recently exceeded one million downloads worldwide on the Play StoreFor this reason, one cannot help but emphasize that this community is in a very high growth process that could become one of the most important for society in a very short time.

Social networks have revolutionized the internet

It is already an indisputable fact or very difficult to argue against that social networks have become increasingly important. Over the years we have seen how many media are disappearing because they have not been fully prepared for the needs of the people who were looking for a means to get their messages across.

Nowadays there are a large and diverse number of social networks that allow people to keep in touch with others who are far away. They can be used to increase the number of connections a person has with others such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, and they can be used for sharing, as is the case with Twitter.

They can also be used to share a picture or video of a person’s tastes with the rest of the world, and today they can even be used to interact with the business community like the LinkedIn community.

What is LinkedIn and how does it work?

What is LinkedIn and why so many people have started using it frequently is the question that many people ask themselves today and one that is easy to answer: LinkedIn is an online community that initially focuses on the business line and several branches of which is oriented B. Employment and business, a company can thereby obtain a person’s data which is useful for the knowledge in which it is looking for an employee.

How the LinkedIn community works is quite simple, it just requires the person to create an account on the official website or application. Once that’s done, the user profile gives each company the freedom to enter the data and indicate that they are in contact with a message about the person’s skills, their degree to date, the number of doctorates achieved over their lifetime, and the company find out whether they are interested in the position.

What is LinkedIn used for?

The social community known as LinkedIn Its main purpose is to enable managers and entrepreneurs in the professional field to contact potential candidates who have the necessary qualities for a new HR position.; With the 150 million users on LinkedIn around the world, it goes without saying that you will always find someone who can do the job you started for.

How do I create a LinkedIn account step by step?

There are two types of LinkedIn accounts, the first is free and therefore more accessible to most people, but the second requires payment, both accounts have some characteristics but they are different from each other, they share the method that needs to be created .

Below is a list of the steps required to create an account on LinkedIn. These are the following:

  1. The first step, as can be deduced by the logic, is to go to the official LinkedIn website or its application on the Play Store or App Store, after that you will see a box that will display information about the person creating the account would like, in particular the name, surname, an e-mail and finally a password that must not have less than six digits, this can be numeric, letters or a combination of both.
  2. Further down in the field in which the data was entered, a button with the inscription “Join now” will appear. It is the responsibility of the person to fill out their profile with the information that appears reasonable to the rest of the world. It is recommended that you use a profile photo that matches the job you want and seek positive opinions as an employee.

What is a Premium Account on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn Premium account is, as mentioned, another version that can be obtained from this work social network. This has features that distinguish it from the free account, which some consider useful and help them solve problems, one of the most important. The most important thing is that the searches that can be carried out have the ability to have more filters and thus get more accurate results , another is that the search results are more extensive.

A feature of LinkedIn Premium accounts What benefits the jobseeking public is knowing who has recently visited their profiles; On the other hand, there are also opinions that express that the characteristics of free accounts are better suited to the needs of the person, i.e. the fact that Get a Premium Account or it is entirely up to the user to decide whether to stay in the free version.

How do I create a company page on LinkedIn?

One of the problems that is usually common on LinkedIn is that people don’t know the method by which it is done Create a LinkedIn Company Page And a basic account can be confused with a person from the community who is looking for a job, so the data is shown here to create a company account on LinkedIn:

  1. To create a company page on LinkedIn, you must first have a personal account in the community. After logging in, you will need to click on the Jobs section if you are using the mobile device application and click on the Business section. in the “Interests” tab, if the online page is used.
  2. In any case, a button should appear afterwards that says “Create company page “or” create “ Click the button and information about the company such as its name and an email will be requested to complete the process. After that, a small button will appear asking if the person has permission to create the company’s page
  3. Then you can display a link or url where you want the company name to be visible, this link can change in case there is another company with the same name, if you want the company name to appear numbers, hyphens or other markings can be in The URL can be used to distinguish the company’s link from existing ones.

Other forms of LinkedIn and social media

Below is a list of the other forms and social networks that LinkedIn can be viewed through. These are the following:

LinkedIn Twitter

LinkedIn has a page on Twitter The community currently has more than a thousand posts and more than a million followers through which you can get more information about the community.

LinkedIn in the App Store and LinkedIn Job for Android on Google Play

As mentioned earlier, the LinkedIn application has received more than a million downloads around the world, and this group has given it high marks for beating the four and a half stars out of five, on the other hand, LinkedIn Jobs It’s Die Application used by users looking for a job has exceeded one hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store and App Store.

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