What is Instagram? The social network for fashion

Instagram, the social network where you share your experience of the world through pictures and recently videos, is a ritual. Definitely choose the filter and the hashtags Increasing the reach of your posts and followers is a real masterpiece.

In fact, photo editors and organizers have been created to help you personalize your account. However, knowing how to use Instagram does not guarantee direct access to fame.

Obviously there are many things that we ignore about this social network that has changed our lives so much. Anyone who created Instagram, how to have more followers, what times to post and how to present their photos and videos is already a chair. This is all you need to know to become an expert on Instagram.

The origin of Instagram

This social network was the result of entrepreneurs and programmers Mike Krieger Yes Kevin Systrom. It was released on October 6, 2010 for Apple devices and opened on April 3, 2012 on Android devices.

Instagram isn’t the only social network that posts photos, however. The secret of success was to combine photo editing with a space to share and interact comfortably and easily.

The developers began their creation in San Francisco, it was 2011 when innovations such as hashtags and other editing tools were included. Unexpectedly, it had over 100 million users in 2012, an incredible number for a social network with so little time.

Apparently, Facebook didn’t oppose such a juicy company and bought the company in April of that year.

Since then, Instagram has evolved in relation to the digital market and has positioned itself as the network that connects social networks.

Instagram knew very well how to welcome the age of digital marketing.

Incredibly, it has become a training ground for advertisers and marketers for limitless PR development. Obviously, it is the meeting point between professionals, artists, media, public figures and customers, especially customers.

How do you get more followers on Instagram?

Every Instagrammer asks himself this question, in this social network followers are a symbol of influence and efficiency. This means that more followers mean more popularity and this gives you some confidence in your followers, don’t let them down.

Remember that in addition to quantity, the quality of those who follow you is important. Increasing your following is a task that requires both creative and executive strategies. There are a few points to keep in mind:

My profile

On Instagram, your profile is your cover letter, but not a job. Avoid starting your description with academic merit. Experts say that when we use social networks, we use our primary emotional instincts, that is, we react with enthusiasm or disgust.

So highlight something on your profile that reflects your human side and, if possible, relate it to your workspace. More precisely, it is the 21st century what prevails, in order to connect with the world, are your emotional abilities.

My photos, videos and more

The range of interaction options on Instagram is extensive and enables us to show different facets of our life. However, there is a risk that, for example, there is inconsistent between what you show in a story and a photo. Stay focused, you need to show yourself on Instagram as you show yourself to be in your daily life, in real life.

Frivolity is actually allowed, but avoid creating an alternative reality in the content of your publications as well.

When and how to post

Your photos are like ammunition, don’t waste them, use them wisely. First, it publishes at times frequented by users: six in the morning, twelve noon, nine at night.

These intervals improve the reach of your photos and ensure that, among other things, they are not lost. Second, vary your posts, you can start with a morning selfie and an afternoon group photo or video. Reserve the special photos for the night, your followers have more time to detail them.

Who I follow and who follows me

If you have already met the previous points, you will likely see the number of followers increase progressively. Keep in mind that by following accounts with a high number of followers, you will be one of the circles of influence in which you want to position yourself.

In particular, beware of information bombers. Of course, you can follow those who inspire you as long as it doesn’t consume your time. Remember what doesn’t add, subtract; There are applications that will show you who is not following you on Instagram.

Instagram resources and actions

As an avant-garde social network, Instagram is constantly updating its privacy and content policies and the Instagram algorithm it is one of the most complex and successful.

At the same time, you have a number of options at your disposal in case you cancel your Instagram account, sync it with another email, etc. The main attraction is of course the filters and editing tools.

Now you can stretch and shrink images in addition to adding the intensity level of the filters. One of the latest updates was the super zoom.

Regarding social relationships, you can mute and delete comments. Of course, if things get complicated or content is posted that could violate your integrity, you can report this account.

In extreme cases, if those users are verbally aggressive, you can suspend the accounts you deem necessary. Of course, this has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can even assign a location to any post, story or show to attract more people to your account. In short, it is the social network with the greatest reach, not only in terms of the number of people, but also adapts to the tastes and trends of every population, generation and vocation.

Instagram is the world that connects the world, it is the cradle of modern business and redefines the concept of sales, power and market. You can play with it too Polls on your Instagram StoriesThere is little you can do to improve your profile.

Instagram also allows you to link the links on your website, blog or online store. Also, when you create a page on Instagram, you are offered plans to increase the reach and popularity of your posts.

In addition, you can view your page’s stats and growth. In addition, Instagram enables live broadcasts and real-time updates on every event.

Numbers and photos

It’s not just about uploading a simple photo, it’s just promoting it, Instagram revenue is estimated at around $ 2.81 billion. It currently has more than 400 million users.

Of course, the brands didn’t miss out on this, leading National Geographic with 48.4 million followers. Obviously, the number one account is the same Instagram, followed by the singer Selena Gómez’s account with 69.5 million followers.

But not everything is rosy, the number of fake accounts reaches a percentage of eight percent. On the contrary, the number of people registered almost doubles every year.

It is estimated that the franchises joining Instagram will grow seventy percent in 2017. In addition, half of the users rate and buy products on this social network.

The numbers are favorable to those who tag one or more people in their posts. Even the likelihood increases exponentially as you add location and use hashtags, advice: use a maximum of ten.

Opportunity creator

This makes photography an art that is taking giant strides, not just to gain followers. In addition, they help experts probe the market to use the creative and influencing techniques necessary to attract more consumers.

Of course, this opens up a new professional field, gives every type of profession a new approach and creates new ones. Lately you have mostly heard terms like community manager, freelancer, influencer, blogger, these are the topics in the world of digital marketing.

And that’s not all, Instagram has accelerated the phenomenon of globalization. Hence, a designer in the US can negotiate with someone in Italy. Obviously, Instagram is the middle ground between these companies, favoring small international transactions.

Instagram is the living space for win-win relationships, changing brands and close supplier-consumer relationships. Hence, the new facet of selling is not just selling something, but what and how you offer it to the world.

Think twice before posting a photo, the next one could be your chance to succeed. Instagram is as personal as it is corporate, you have to learn to play between these two facets.

However, that they reflect who you are, your character and your personality, that will captivate you perfectly. Visit other workshops to optimize your social media usage. Whether you’re a businessman or not, we are all drawn to the idea of ​​being influential.

Instagram is in vogue, and like fashion, if you have its successes and disappointments, avoid being one of the latter. In the world of digital communication, Instagram is your nexus for making a first impression. Remember, stay in tune with your reality and who you are.

Whether you are an artist, doctor, designer, or journalist, Instagram opens its doors to those who want to succeed. But nothing is quick, build a relationship of credibility and trust. Just in time, as in fashion, comes the moment when you set the trend.

How would you like to use your account from now on? Instagram is a fertile field of opportunity. Also, make sure you are getting in touch with the right people and enjoying all of the benefits it can offer you.

Last but not least: Live Instagram reflects the whole breadth of human experience. Don’t let social media consume all of your time. On the contrary, try to immortalize the special moments in your account, Instagram is a tool, always remember.

Tell us what you do and how this topic helped you consider your usage in relation to Instagram. Do you set trends or do you tend to leave your mark? There are many people and companies who start their projects digitally without needing a physical location.

Don’t forget to share your ideas and check forums on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and social networking. Remember, “The only mistake is to stop trying” – Kin Hubbard.

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