What is Google Cloud Platform and what is it for?

Having a company that does its job excellently is an ongoing task. In this context, a platform has been created that enables you efficiently manage multiple business processes, I’m talking about Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This tool is useful to a wide variety of professionals including the IT professionals, companies, and even developers. It has no more than 90 products (technology services) that allow strategic advantages compared to the competition, gain flexibility and of course work efficiently and without errors.

You do not believe me? In this article, I’ll tell you more about Google Cloud Platform, how it works, and why you should use it.

Google cloud platform

How does the Google Cloud Platform work?

Before we talk to you about the operation of the Google Cloud Platform and its algorithm, it is important that we clarify what Google Cloud is. Simply put It’s an infrastructure suite that hosts the services that Google uses internally. In reality, it sums up the tools that Google has made separately available in the cloud.

There is a wide range of services that are very useful for any management. If we can move on to the next point: How does GCP work? It is easy to useHosting information in the cloud allows you to easily access and even manage any tool you need.

When You need a service that you have to provide for “create project”. When you are the owner of the project, you have full control over who has access to the service, and even restrict part of the team to a specific point or level on that project. Its user interface is clean and light, it really is a platform that gives you great flexibility.

What services does the Google Cloud Platform offer?

You can use Google Cloud services or tools to perform tests and designs, among other things. Depending on the type of service, it can be divided into three groups: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and finally Software as a Service (SaaS). They are divided into the following categories.


These services are designed to Cloud computing optionsto preside over physical equipment (hardware). You can use it to start applications.

With that in mind, you have App Engine, Compute Engine, and Kubernetes Engine. These three enable you to launch the apps, power the Java Virtual Machine (cloud), and create an efficient hybrid operating system.

Thanks to this service, you can concentrate on the application logic and not on resource management. It is automatically scalable (It depends on the resources used). Supports Java, Go, PHP, etc.


This service enables you to manage the operation of the network. You will do that relevant virtual machine connections. (Join or Isolate) Configure the network with information on IP ranges, VPN, cloud router, etc.

Big data

Get a wide variety of uses here to make it possible for you Consulting and processing in big data web hostingthat offers you a suitable place for your work scale.

This will give you quick answers. What is outstanding is that the display of the information or data is unrestricted, efficient and of course very fast.


It’s a set of services that are properly stored in the cloud. The tools are properly filed what makes available MySQL, NoSQL data storage.

It has a large amount of available storage that exceeds any capacity you could store on a local hard drive.

Machine learning

Machine learning is synonymous with learning where artificial intelligence is an achievement. Here, techniques are developed with patterns that a computer can learn and copy. It is a scalable service, which provides predictive, automatic training that enables us to understand the information extracted.

It is important to remember that Google has its own machine learningusing the principles of machine learning. This service supports these APIs and libraries: TensorFlow, Vision API, Speech API, Natural Language API, Traslate API.

Certifications in the Google Cloud Platform

There are some Certifications That Show You Are Knowledgeable of the tool. Depending on your level of knowledge, you can earn one of the following types of Google Cloud Platform certifications:

Partner certifications

This initial certification is intended as a first step. Developed for users with little knowledge of the cloud. With this certificate you will achieve a good level of Knowledge of the pillars of Gcloud.

Professional certificate

This certification is given to those who extensive knowledge of information and programming. With this certificate, you can claim to be an expert on the Google Cloud Platform.

You can specialize in cloud architecture, network engineering, and other educational materials that only those with prior programming experience can understand.

G Suite certificate

This certificate is from G Suite specialization. Ideal for users who use it extensively. You will receive more extensive knowledge about the Google suite.

Where can I get help with GCP?

With everything I have told you in this post, there is no doubt that this platform is complete and makes a great ally for managing businesses. well then GCP is available from Alfresco. Who do we owe the performance to? To Incentro, a consulting company based in Spain.

Alfresco is software that automates some processes. Incentro is the first to create GCPs for Alfresco. So far, the data was saved locally (hybrid). However, Incentro, who has Google Cloud Platform certification, did so Cloud native. Offers you portability, performance, isolation, scalability, among other things.

Incentro is a Google Cloud Platform partner. It is an IT service provider that offers you assistance in optimizing your processes. It has a broad quality standard that has been recognized by Great Place to Work for several years in a row.

Benefits of Using the Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform offers you a variety of benefits and advantages, whether you are an SMB or a multinational company.

  • Services can scale. That means if you are a SMB (small cloud storage) or a large company that deserves a global database, you can use GCP. You can expand your resources and skills as needed.
  • Absolute security. The idea of ​​storing information in the cloud can seem risky. However, the GCP cloud platform is subject to data protection regulations. It has a very high security model that combats any malicious software.

In addition, this platform is connected to Google, its networks are private and therefore completely reliable.

  • State of the art. It is not necessary to have external tools that allow you to be innovative, with this platform Google provides you with the infrastructure to manage the services. You will take the lead in novel areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc.
  • Higher productivity. With G Suite you can achieve a higher level of collaboration with all members of the company. It offers you apps like Meet, Gmail, among others. Better communication and wider app usage means better productivity.

How much does it cost to use Google Cloud Platform?

This platform is amazing. It allows you to gradually modernize and scale, but for simplicity it gives you a free time slot so you can start right away. Likewise offers you discounts for further usage.

However, if you want to get more specialized tools, you will have to make some payments. There is a price list for some GCP products (services). They are affordable and also an advantage to use. The prices are in USD.

On the official page, you can see the prices for specific services, as well as the currencies they support for billing or product payments. You can start on a budget of 300 USD credit completely free.

How do I get started with Google Compute Engine?

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