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Author: Raquelmartin

Often times, we take for well-known words, in the tech world, although in reality we don’t really know very well what they mean or what they really mean. This is what happens with the concept of “Pixel”. We all associate this term with digital cameras, the resolution of images or how they look after they are created. But do we really know what a pixel is?

What is a Pixel?

Word “Pixel” comes from the English expression “Picture element”, which is translated into Spanish as “picture element”, and is the smallest unit in which a digital image (photograph, video or still) is decomposed.

The best way to understand what a pixel is is to see what it is. To do this, you can for example take a digital photo and greatly magnify the image captured on the computer, from the zoom of the program you are used to using. When we have had this experience, we will see some small squares in color, white, black or shades of gray, placed vertically and horizontally. These squares are the pixels that make up the digital image. In this way, the images are configured as a rectangular matrix of pixels, where each of them forms a minimum point. The complete image is therefore the united block of thousands of pixels. These form what is called “Bitmap”.

On color monitors, the number of bits used to represent each pixel determines the number of colors (or ranges of gray) that can be displayed. Each pixel is made up of three points, one red, other blue and other green. Each of them coincides at the same point. The picture quality depends on your resolution, in conclusion how many bits are used to represent each pixel.

To understand what a pixel is, you need to know another term: “The depth of color”, it is the ability to store color and is measured in bits. The color tone of the pixels is obtained by combining three basic colors, red, green and blue, the proportions of each color used in each of the pixels will depend on the result of the image.

What is a megapixel?

A megapixel It is made up of 1,048,576 pixels. This concept is commonly used to talk about the resolution of digital cameras. The more megapixels an image has, the sharper and clearer it will be. Keep in mind that megapixels not only affect photo quality, but image size as well.

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