The lifespan of mobile phones

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If you are a tech fan, the term may sound familiar to you. planned obsolescence. With this term we mean that many electronic and computer elements were programmed to last a specific time and at that point they would fail no matter how carefully we gave them. While this is a concept that in its day sparked a lot of controversy and has been shown in a few instances to be really true, the fact is that it is already a thing of the past. The rules of the market have changed and now the life of the phone is much longer. However, a good part of the life of these terminals depends on good use, so if, for example, your Xiaomi screen breaks down and you live in Murcia, you will have no other choice but to repair Xiaomi Murcia if you want Keep your phone in good working order.

The lifespan of mobile phones

The reasons for this change in the understanding of the business are quite logical. Today, many manufacturers want their customers to pay monthly installments for their services. In this way, the customer has a device in where you can use these services it is vital for you to make these subscriptions. If by obsolescence, the customer is forced to regularly renew a terminal, he will have less money to invest in these subscriptions. In this case, the few expenses that are associated with the mobile phone are usually those necessary at the time of repair screen Xiaomi Murcia. If your screen has been cracked, scratched, or has some problem, you can replace it with a new one and your phone will continue to perform as well as ever.

The world of subscriptions

We have to keep in mind that mobile phones are designed to perform all kinds of functions. In this way, the subscriptions that can be made through them are the most varied. Whether it’s paying for TV platforms, consuming paid sports online, streaming music or subscribing to news platforms. It is most common to have all this type of service which, in addition to adding much more value to the phone, allows the manufacturer to be able to retain your customers thanks to these applications.

In order for a person to have these subscriptions, it is a fact that they need a well-functioning cell phone and precisely because of this we are living a trend where people repair your cell phone more instead of buying a new one. On the other hand, technology had evolved so much that it was difficult to be able to offer a new terminal each year with a large number of different new features. Ultimately, the improvements resulted in an increase in RAM or processor speed, but that’s not enough for an audience hungry for new technology or hardware.

It’s getting harder and harder to launch a new phone that brings something new to the one that users already have. We lived a generation where, with each passing year, a new technology justified the purchase of a new mobile. These terminals were even bought without having exhausted their warranty, now everything has changed.

In short, it’s a new way of seeing the market where repair companies have a lot to contribute. Providing a fast, quality and guaranteed repair service is the best cover letter a business of this type can have and with which it can significantly extend the lifespan of cell phones.

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