Some Interesting Google Easter Eggs

According to The Easter Egg Archive, “Google easter eggs are a hidden or novel feature that programmers have put into their software.” To be considered an Easter egg, you must meet certain conditions: not be documented, hidden, and not very obvious. It is not an easter egg if it appears in your instruction manual or in your help. And if it is at a glance, it is not an Easter egg, it is a simple wink, a resource widely used nowadays in movies and television series.

Google not only serves to find things on the internet, but it also entertains with some games and hidden Easter eggs

Those responsible for Google have placed hidden games and other curiosities in their products that you will see if you write the right word or phrase. Do you know them all?

When Google began to have a certain popularity, at a certain point it started a tradition that has survived to this day, illustrating with a doodle or drawing the name of its search engine that we always see when entering its main page.

At first, they were static images, but for a while now, Google surprises us with animations and games and even with specific doodles for each country or region on the plane

Another peculiarity of Google is the inclusion of hidden functions and even games in its products, mainly the search engine but also YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. Known as Easter Eggs, we talked about them in a previous article and we can find them on web pages, mobile and desktop applications, video games, etc.

The most used search engine in the world is not only used to find things that you never believed would exist or to search for the most basic doubts that we all have at all times. The team of people behind the search engine has a peculiar sense of humor, adding curious Easter eggs in Google.

Although many people believe that the doodles can be as curious that found in the home of half the world, the reality is that there are many more Google results, there are also curiosities, even games!

Some of the results require that you use the US version of Google, which you can activate by visiting and clicking on “Use” in the lower right corner.

Here is a selection of Google Easter eggs with which you can do funny things or have a good time playing.

It all started with a cute T-Rex that ran endlessly jumping cacti through the desert. This simple game appeared in Google Chrome when we lost our internet connection. This Easter egg emerged in 2014 and currently has unofficial online versions, a mobile app, etc.
If you want to play this Easter egg without disconnecting from the network, you can do it by opening your Chrome browser and typing the command chrome: // dino. You will see the usual offline message and the T-Rex game will start as soon as you press the space key or the up arrow.
google easter eggs
But since that first game, Google has managed to introduce a few more, such as the classic Solitaire that you will find if you search for “solitaire” in Google. Along with the usual results, you will see a banner showing an image and a Play button. You can choose between easy and difficult mode and play as much as you want, undo a movement, create a new game, etc.
If you Google “solitaire” you can play solitaire for hours, without anyone seeing that you have the Windows game open and easy to switch between tabs in your work.
Google Easter Eggs
Tic Tac Toe
Search  “tic tac toe” on Google and try to beat artificial intelligence.
Another game that will take away the boredom is the classic Tic Tac Toe three online or Tic Tac Toe in English. If you search for one of these names in Google, the integrated game will be shown on the results page. And although it is a game to play as a couple, you can do it alone against Google and repeat as many times as you want.
Google Easter Eggs
The most classic of the place will appreciate the search for Pacman in Google since they will find the Doodle of Pac-Man that is fully playable. Just press play and enjoy the classic Pac-Man on a rectangular stage with the name of Google.
And if we talk about classics, in this list of playable Easter eggs you can not miss the Atari Breakout. If you search for this game in Google Images, “Atari Breakout”, you can play this game from the results page itself.
Google Easter Eggs
Play Snake
Another game included in Google as a hidden Easter egg is the classic Snake, of which we already reviewed its history in a previous article. To play Snake on Google, search for “play snake” and the game will appear above the other results. The game is operated with the four arrows on the keyboard and, as in the original, you just have to eat apples and try not to crash into yourself.
google easter eggs
Dreidel is a Jewish variant of the whirligig, a toy that displays on each side a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Google “play dreidel” and you can play to get in order נ (Nun), ג (Gimel), ה (Hei), ש (Shin).
google easter eggs
Heads or Tails
In the American version of Google, you can ask to flip a coin and choose between heads or tails. Search for ” flip a coin ” and decide between heads or tails ( Heads or Tails ).
google easter eggs
What sound does an animal make?
What sound does a cat make? You may know, but what about a raccoon? A tool for the little ones in the house who, when they search for “what sound does a X make” (where X is an animal in English), will show you a list of animals and their most common sounds.
The meaning of life, the universe and everything else
In a reference to the mythical book “The Guide to the Intergalactic Hitchhiker”, written by the author Douglas Adams, Google answers that great question, search for “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” (the meaning of life, the universe and everything else) and it will show you the answer.
Super Mario Bros.
The famous game, which is now available for iOS and soon for Android, has its own Easter egg on Google. Find “Super Mario Bros” and in the infobox on the right, tap on the flashing cube, repeatedly.
Zerg rush
In a reference to the mythical StarCraft game, Google plays with the reference to the Zerg, a race in this video game that when you had enough basic characters, the ones you use to create other structures and bugs, you could use them all to attack your enemy, flooding them and making it impossible to focus on a group. Search for “zerg rush” and you will see how the “o” of Google become Zergs destroying the results.
Atari Breakout
Searching in Google Images «Atari Breakout», you can play the famous game of one of the first home consoles. Use the result images as tabs that you have to remove.

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