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Do You Want To Sell More?



Then you have reached the right place. Thanks to online marketing and especially local SEO service, we have multiplied our client’s sales x6 in 2 years.

Now that you have arrived at the place you were looking for to improve your keyword ranking and boost your sales, We invite you to continue reading to check what we can do to improve your web traffic.

We work for Small, large projects or brands; GDA is committed to the most profitable keywords for your business. Make your webpage or marketplaces more profitable, increase unpaid, organic traffic and sell more NOW!

All business is basically about customers and marketing and making money and capitalism and winning and promoting it and having something someone.

  • Users search for answers
  • Millions of people consult the different search engines daily, looking for answers to:
  • Your demands for Information about a specific product or service
  • Your online purchase or reservation needs
    Various solutions or curiosities: brands, companies, names of people or celebrities, etc.

SEO has several advantages over other channels such as paid marketing and social networks. SEO works in the long term, but once the site is well positioned, it generates traffic “for free”.

We also improve the UX (user experience) and the site’s brand image.

Finally, this type of service requires the presence of a technically well-designed site, and with continuous optimization, we also make sure to have a well-developed source code.

Do You Want To Sell More?

GDA SEO Methodology

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of on-site and off-site techniques launched to capture qualified visits from the natural results of search engines.

Our SEO service agency will advise you and give continuous coverage and follow-up to the strategy developed to ensure that your website is in the top positions.


Initial Analysis of your website in terms of search engine optimization: indexing, popularity, current positioning, online competition level, market, etc.

Analysis of the most profitable keywords for your business: GDA uses specialized tools to know which keywords can bring more qualified traffic to your website.

Analysis of the Competition:

We carry out an extensive analysis of the situation of your online competition, studying your actions to propose improvements, monitoring your strategy and movements throughout the project.

On-Page Optimization

Internal consulting of your pages and contents: We prepare customized reports with SEO optimization recommendations to obtain complete and improved website visibility in the natural search results.

We combine technical code advice -metatags, keyword density, etc.- with the exemplary architecture of your Information, usability, and user experience.

In addition, Garachh Digital Agency supports the implementation of changes, coordinating the performance of our recommendations with technical or development teams.

SEO Content

Quality content, original and constantly updated, is essential to have better consideration by Google, especially since it announced its update of the algorithm “Google Panda”.

Off-Page Optimization:

We have very varied web resources to generate quality links to our customers’ websites, continuously adapting to the changes in the Google algorithm that every day is more sophisticated in this regard.

What Advantages does SEO Link Building Service have?

1. Your web traffic will increase progressively by boosting your business progressively; your visits will increase gradually but with a firm step.

2. The traffic will be of high quality, almost always related to the keywords that interest you most.

3. Your indexing errors will no longer be a problem. We will optimize your website from the point of view of search engine positioning and user navigation.

4. Each visit you receive will be free, and you will not have to pay to appear among the first search results, as in the case of Adwords ad campaigns.

5. It will increase its sales and have more incredible notoriety in the market. It will improve the image of your company both from the point of view of your customers and your competitors.