New iOS 10, its most remarkable functions

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A twist to the design of its interface or greater autonomy for its voice assistant Siri are some of the featured features announced exclusively for the new iOS 10 during the last WWDC (World Developers Conference). Do you dare to know all the details? In this case, read on.

the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod have become one of the main protagonists of the Worldwide Developers Conference, which the Silver Apple Empire has been organizing for more than 20 years to report on its main innovations in its software, its hardware and, ultimately, developer-oriented technology.

What are the new features in iOS 10?

This new edition, launched in the city of San Francisco, officially introduced the functions of the aforesaid IOS 10 operating system. Among the most interesting news, we can highlight the following:

-Siri, the popular voice assistant that has dazzled millions of users around the world, will be used by WeChat, WhatsApp or Slack. One of the novelties of this artificial intelligence system is that it will offer the user interesting suggestions taking as a point of reference the place, the contacts in the diary or the free dates in the calendar.

-One of Apple’s weaknesses for years has been their cards. During WWDC it was pointed out that these charts will be much more proactive, in the sense that more data will be added on the traffic situation, the possible suggested stops, the functions they already have in Google and Waze.

-The apple has the idea to undertake the subscription sale via an application like Apple News. In this specific case, notifications for the latest news will be added, the sections of the homepage will be reorganized and as users become interested in some or other content, other categories will be added. added and most requested will be relevant.

-The Apple Music interface it will be much cleaner, preserving library tabs with personalized suggestions, searches, and a radio. One of the novelties this year is that the lyrics of the songs will be included.

-Apple will also travel-themed videos and photo albums For the sake of maintaining an order that Google Photos is already used to.

-We will also find changes to the iOS keyboard. Without going any further, QuickType will make more personalized suggestions that will facilitate writing speed, in addition to offering the possibility of translating texts, writing with your fingers (Digital Touch) or replacing a word with an emoji ( Tap to replace).

-In regards to mobile device the transcription of sounds to text will be included in the voicemail box, which means that the messages can be read. Likewise, in the event of receipt of a call from an unknown number, it will be indicated if it is suspected of generating unwanted advertising.

-A new app is coming: Apple Home, through which all household appliances will be controlled, from lights to thermostats.

If we have to wait until next September with the launch of the new iPhone 7, The truth is that right now the first beta can be downloaded in the testing phase and includes news that was not announced to WWDC. For example, the iPhone will remind us of the where we parked (as long as we are using USB in the car). There will also be the “bedtime” section in the alarm application, in addition to the “Settings” we will have the possibility to delete by itself the music that we listen to the least.
What do you think of what’s new in iOS 10 and his featured features?

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