macOS High Sierra, the new operating system for Mac

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Just a few days ago, the tech world experienced a new revolution at the hands of Apple. The well-known company has just launched its latest novelty for Mac, in order to increase the power and speed of the brand’s devices. Under the name of macOS High Sierra, this new Mac operating system optimizes existing functionalities.

macOS High Sierra, the new operating system for Mac

How is the macOS High Sierra

Just six days after the release of the new update for iOS11 smartphones, Apple made public this product which is already considered one of the most important news industry in recent years. We can buy it through the App Store for Mac, and it includes some notable improvements over previous versions.

One of them is the Application of photos, currently very popular thanks in large part to the rise of social networks. This time we find an improved facial recognition system and more sophisticated synchronization between devices, as well as a new form of organization. Although the most striking are probably the many photo editing possibilities it incorporates.

In this sense, we must name the new possibility of save memories via Facetime, with the possibility of taking a “live” image of the moment. Thus, we can capture moving images from our video calls as well as photos.

Likewise, with this update, the announced change in file systems has become a reality from classic HFS + to APFS (Apple File System). In this way, it offers better interconnection between devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Apple Watch, and greater memory capacity. All this with increased speed and security, as it has built-in encryption and crash protection.

How is the macOS High Sierra

Using Spotlight technology, macOS High Sierra makes it easy to email search and better organization, being able to divide the screen into several sections. In addition, the program is faster and weighs less. On the other hand, the Safari browser offers more personalized options; for example, we can block the “autoplay” of videos from all the pages we navigate.

One of the most striking new features is the one that allows us to share files directly from ICloud reader– something that regulars to Mac devices have been asking for years. With this new update, we can add anyone with whom we want to share a file without having to go through other external services.

Another advantage of macOS High Sierra is that it is compatible with most equipment Almost eight year old Mac, including the following:

  • MacBook Pro – 2010 or later models
  • MacBook: Late 2009 or later models
  • MacBook Air – 2010 or later models
  • iMac: late 2009 or later models
  • Mac Mini – 2010 or later models
  • Mac Pro – 2010 or later models

What do you think of the macOS High Sierra?

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