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Local SEO

Local SEO Services, What is it?

Local SEO is an important part of the natural referencing of your website.

SEO – is a set of techniques that allows a site to position such keywords. All must gain visibility on the search engines. Meanwhile, the local referencing can be considered a sub-branch of SEO but at the local level. So many opportunities to seize because it is relatively easy to rank well and rather quickly. To do this, Google offers each company – as long as it has a physical address – to create its Google My Business page once your page is created and validated.

Relevance defines how well a business listing corresponds to the request entered by the user.

As its Name indicates, the distance between the establishments in the results and the location indicated in the search.

Importance – The importance corresponds to the level of popularity of an establishment. Some places are more critical in the real world than the Internet, and search results consider this setting to determine local rank.

Need to optimize the local SEO of your business or e-commerce site? If your site isn't appearing in the top search results for your neighborhood or city, don't panic. Our local SEO agency is there for you. We help you boost your strategy to improve your visibility and your local notoriety on the internet.

Let us help you grow your business locally.

How to Do Local SEO?

Here’s what it’s essential to do for local SEO

Bridging the Google My Business page with your website by filling out the link to your website;

Add your business hours and update them if there are changes;

Choose precisely the main category of your institution and, if possible, add secondary categories, the most relevant to your activity;

Add a phone number so that we can call you;

Ask your customers (or partners) to give feedback on your business;

Answer the reviews, good or bad!

Regularly add photos – the photo must be framed and well lit. You should not make changes to it using Photoshop or use excessive filters. The image must represent reality.

No over-optimization of your title! Even if it is tempting to optimize its title by putting the city’s name or a keyword related to his activity, do not do it; Google formally forbids it. If your company is in New York, it is useless to put [Name of your company + New York] “as the title of an establishment. It is useless because Google places you already like a company in New York, but it is strictly forbidden, which may result in the deletion of your page.

Post your news for some months already; Google My Business offers you to post your information on your profile to add your article; it’s straightforward; go on the “posts” tab of your profile:

You can add an article, a link to a specific page with a dedicated call to action. Posts will be present at the bottom of your profile.

You can also fill in your products directly in the My Business file to create a small product file directly in the local pack. Even if it seems tedious for e-commerce sites with large catalogs, it is a practical alternative for those wishing to engage in merchandising around their brand.

If you perform additional services, or quite simply if you go home or offer a delivery service, it is natural to provide this information.

Rich snippets are also generated by your site’s structured data and include the local pack of local SEO, so you must be careful to respect the structure expected by the Google robot, which you can check with the verification tool structured data.


Geolocation has greatly changed consumer habits. This has grown further with digitization and the massive use of mobiles in searches. Thanks to Google Maps, Internet users now can benefit from services close to where they are. To be sure to appear in all local queries, you will need professionals. Our local SEO agency to provide you with tailor-made support in:

  • Management of customer reviews: We work to improve your brand image with Internet users who visit your site. The goal is that they leave positive reviewsFor this reason, we place particular emphasis on the positive reviews and comments posted and the bounce rate on your pages.
  • The proximity between you and your customers: We help you truly define your busy period. We work on your detailed Google My Business card to allow the Internet user to directly get in touch with you.
  • Writing optimized and quality content: Our SEO strategies take incoming links very seriously. Our team ensures that they are of good quality. We develop an effective geolocated SEO strategy with the writing of 100% local content. We also work to improve your backlink strategy (inbound links) based on geographically targeted SEO.
  • Creation and optimization of company files: We proceed to standardize information on directories available online. Our solutions are also technical because we offer you mentoring in your local SEO. We can meet your needs, necessities, and requirements relating to your presence on the internet.