How to Promote YouTube Videos in 2020

“How to promote youtube videos free” or “best way to promote youtube videos”

Use keywords in headings;

Add a lot of tags;

Create high-quality videos.

Yes, “create quality videos”. This is the same as “make websites for people”, only on YouTube. And why didn’t you and I think about it before starting to promote?

In short, after years of trying and failing, Finally figured out what really works. 

Tactic # 1: Increase CTR

CTR is the percentage of people who see your video in search results and click on its preview. YouTube pays special attention to this indicator. If users actively click on your video, YouTube starts showing it higher in the search results.

In fact, this is written in the video hosting Academy article for authors “How to choose interesting icons and names for videos.”

So how do you increase your CTR without using clickbait? Use brackets and parentheses in headings.

Research shows that people are 38% more likely to click on headings that use parentheses. This happens because the text in brackets allows the user to get an additional brief announcement of what will be discussed in the material.

Tactic # 2: Improve Feedback

Feedback here means likes, comments, reposts, and subscriptions. The more of these signals you have, the higher your videos rank.

That is, traffic directly depends on “interaction”.

The question is how to get people to give feedback. To get started, start asking your subscribers questions with specific answer options.

Not just: “write in the comments what you think about it”, but, for example: “write which of these steps you will try first”. People love to share opinions, but they hate to think. You have seen so many YouTubers especially “Neil Patel” Then, give viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel. That is, instead of just saying, “subscribe to my channel,” add a reason to do this: “in order not to miss new videos, subscribe to the channel.” Some people say something like: “the more people subscribe to my channel, the better the content I can release.”

Tactic # 3: Embed Video

Top videos are 78% more likely to embed third-party sites than the average across all positions.

And the easiest way to take advantage of this tactic is to embed the video on your own website. adds videos to almost every post.

Media content will help your readers get some additional information on the topic of the article. Or, you can record a hands-on video for a theoretical article so that people can see how something works in real life. Vidos can be inserted into press releases, guest posts, and any other content where you can fit them appropriately.

Tactic # 4: Optimize Your Tags

It’s no secret that tags help your videos rank better in search results. But many aspiring authors use them incorrectly. Brian himself, when he first came to YouTube, shoved as many tags into each video as possible. Like, the more the better.

No matter how many useless tags you add to your video, it won’t rank better. This is because the tags should tell YouTube about the main theme of the content. But if you have crammed a bunch of different, poorly interconnected words.

 Imagine that you are YouTube. Based on this information, how would you characterize this video? Here you have blogging, life lessons etc.. If you don’t understand, then why should YouTube be understandable?

Therefore, instead of abusing tags, it is better to create a specific template for their filling.

1.   The first three tags should contain your primary key. For example: “how to promote youtube videos for free”, “how to promote a video on YouTube in 2020”, “how to promote a video to the top”.

2.   Next are the synonyms for the primary key. For example: “video promotion on youtube” or “YouTube promotion”.

3.   In the end, add 2-3 category tags describing the general theme of the content. For example: “promotion in social networks”, “SMM”, “Internet marketing”.

Tactic # 5: Get featured in featured videos

When it comes to YouTube video optimization, most people think about how to get to # 1 for highly competitive keywords. But this is not the only place where your creations are shown. In many cases, the featured videos item will bring more views to creators than classic searches.

There are two main factors at the heart of being featured in featured videos:

1.   The type of content you usually watch.

2.   The video you are watching right now.

For example, if you’ve watched a hundred videos about promoting videos on social media, YouTube will start recommending even more such content to you. 

This is where the opportunity lies. When you optimize your content for the same keywords as other popular channels, the likelihood of getting into the recommended once increases.

Therefore, find high-watched videos in your niche and borrow their keywords as synonyms and category tags for your new videos.

Tactic # 6: Increase View Times

If a viewer watches your videos to the end, it means to YouTube algorithms that they like your content. The more such viewers you have, the more often your videos appear in search results.

How to increase your watch time

1.   Plan, script, and outline your videos

It is not enough just to outline the topic of the monologue and turn on the camera. This can lead to the loss of the viewer, for example, due to a fragmented narrative or defocusing.

2.   Change elements in new videos

Nothing depressing YouTube users more than a static, never-changing picture. Experiment with angles, music, visuals. Keep your videos fresh and interesting.

Tactic # 7: Optimize Description

Apart from the title and tags, YouTube uses the description below the video to understand the video content. So if you optimize your description you will get more views.

How to optimize description for YouTube videos

Write at least 100 words for this element to tell viewers and the social network itself the essence of the material;

Include the main SEO key in the first 2-3 sentences of the description – here everything is the same as when optimizing sites for search engines;

Use the target keyword and its synonyms several times, just do not over-spam.

Bonus: Strategic Promotion

Where can you go without bonus tips? For starters, stop hoping that you’ll just shoot, post, and get a million views. Each video will have to be promoted. How? Depends on your niche.

For example, Brian Dean sends his new episodes to a huge base of email subscribers. Neil Patel does the same, the link to which I gave above. But he also makes announcements on Instagram. 

Don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social network where you have followers.

Just don’t spam. Post content once and in the appropriate section. The locals will be grateful to you and will form a mini-community around your profile, subject to the suitability of the material.

Bonus # 2: Finding Random Keywords

Here’s a great way to find keywords for new videos :

Switch to the views section;

Scroll down to the “Traffic Source: YouTube Search” section and go to statistics;

Click the “Export current view” arrow in the upper right corner;

Voila, this is a huge table of ideas.

And if your videos get views for these queries, even without optimization, imagine how much traffic you can get by purposefully creating content for them!

I hope this post will help you figure out how to promote YouTube videos.

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