How to fix the crash of Firefox in Windows

Here in this article you will know how you can fix the blocking isues with the Firefox browser and prevent it from repeating. Just read the article below to find out how you can do it.

Firefox is one of the most popular and feature-rich web browsers that is also available for the Windows platform. Although Firefox works flawlessly and flawlessly on all platforms it is available on, but this browser does not work the same for all users at times.

How to fix the crash of Firefox in Windows

# 1 Firefox crashes on startup

If the Firefox browser crashes every time you start it, then to solve this problem you can first check if the same thing happens in safe mode or not. And if the problem is still not resolved, you can try to reinstall the browser and check if it works or not. If these two steps don’t help you, you can try the other method below.

# 2 Update the software

Check if your browser is updated or not and if it is not, update it and see if it continues to fail. If the browser continues to fail, check that all the plug-ins you are using with your browser are up to date and if not, update them all.

# 3 Update Windows and drivers

If windows or window drivers are not updated, Firefox may also crash. You might feel that it is a very long process to update all the drivers and update the windows to resolve the situation with your browser, although you can use another browser instead, for those who do not find any other browser as good, they can update the windows and your drivers in the windows. This will surely resolve the blocking situation with Firefox.

# 4 Update internet security and check for viruses

Your browser may be malfunctioning due to viruses that may be causing your windows, so you can also check your entire system for viruses. This can also resolve the Firefox bug.

# 5 Firefox in safe mode

Click the Shift key when launching the Firefox browser in your windows and that will open the Firefox Safe Mode dialog. When the dialog box appears, hit the “Start Safe Mode” button. If Firefox doesn’t crash in safe mode, chances are your browser has crashed before due to an acceleration of extensions, themes or hardware. You can try to troubleshoot extensions, themes, and hardware acceleration to resolve it.

# 6 Check the RAM

You can also check for RAM errors using the Memtest86 + tool, as RAM errors can also be the cause of Firefox crashes.


Using the above methods you can fix the problems of your Firefox browser and therefore get rid of the blocked isosions. All of these methods would suffice to solve the problem and you may not need any other way. If the problem persists, you can try to contact the developer and tell them about the problem and related details.

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