How do you know who blocked you on Twitter?

In this article I will explain how to know if you have been banned from Twitter, We will also talk a little about the advantages of this social network, which is characterized not by a large number of users, but by the loyalty of Internet users.

There are a large number of celebrities and influencers present on this social network. If you can’t access their Twitter profile, it is because they may have blocked you, but how did that happen? Do you have any doubts that you are really being blocked on Twitter?

So you can have a smart Marketing strategy and even increase your number of followers.

Why be present on Twitter?

Is social network has great visibilitywhich makes it an excellent tool for many companies looking to promote their product or service. Of course, for it to work you need to have a good number of followers.

How do I get followers on Twitter?

This social network is not very different from its first cousins ​​”Instagram and Facebook”, they belong to the same family. We know that The number of followers is synonymous with popularity.

So, first of all, you need to learn how to become popular. In this regard, you need to have an attractive profile, you also need to be constant, ie active.

For this, there are, among other things, those who share photos, comments, entertaining videos or those with added value. All of this so that more people see and follow your interesting profile every day.

Well, there is a very special way of increasing its popularity and personally I was very surprised and that’s it Buy Twitter followers. Sure, you need to know where to look for followers like this in order for the tech to work, but from now on I’m telling you you can Get cheap twitter followers.

This technique is very clever, look, in real life, not virtual, when we see a place with no customers, we mentally assume that there are no good prices, and therefore do not even enter the premises when there are a lot of people, it bites us curiously and we say, “man, what’s there and we’ll take a look.”

Well buying followers on this social network has the same effect when you see this Number of users following you, you may be able to attract the attention of others, and increase your popularity.

Learning marketing for social networks isn’t difficult, although I’ll tell you it takes effort and, of course, a defined goal.

Why was I banned from Twitter?

Twitter is a very popular social network in Spain and the world, of course it is not as big as Facebook, but it is very useful for expressing your knowledge, ideas and news, among other things.

In general, those who are present on the platform want to have followers, but some are blocked.

This is due to the social network’s policies or terms of usethat prevents the posting of comments that violate the rights of others. This is how freedom of expression is regulated.

Now these accounts can be blocked directly from the platform, but also it is possible that a user is blocking us, in that sense they will have their reasons, but in general it is because it may seem to them that ours Content is offensive.

blocked on Twitter

How do I know who blocked me from Twitter?

The blocks won’t come as a notification, but there are several ways to see who blocked you, then I’ll give you some ideas:

  1. Fewer tweets from an active user. I consider this to be the first sign of a blockage. If you keep seeing tweets from someone and suddenly they are no longer active, it is possible that they may continue their activity but without you, that is, “they blocked you”.
  2. Check the user’s profile. Craving your computer or cell phone, go to the platform’s magnifying glass or search engine and enter the suspicious account. Generally, the screen will say “Following”, if not, the person may have made a change.
  3. Try to follow him. If you can’t follow them by clicking Follow then they’ve definitely blocked you, you can’t see their Tweets.

What makes it a bit difficult to know if they blocked you or not is that you have to check every user. When you have thousands of users the task is more complicated, but if you already have a clue that someone has blocked you, access their profile and checking the block will be a breeze.

Marketing strategy on social media

Now that we talk about popularity and followers on Twitter, let’s talk a little about marketing in this space. According to some statistical studies collected in The Global State of Digital in 2019 “52% of the world’s population use social networks.” (Report prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social).

Of course, this data was collected before the coronavirus emergency, so you should know that social media presence has increased much more over the past year.

Here are some simple tips to help you incorporate a good strategy:

  • Have a goal. You have to set yourself a goal, ie ask yourself: Do I want to increase product sales? Do I offer a service? Increase my website traffic? Etc. Depending on the situation, you can have a specific goal by using social networks.
  • Offer high quality content. You need to add variety in the way you show yourself, write for it, place pictures, videos, etc.
  • Proximity. Although you are very active in the networks, it is necessary that you devote time to your followers. Interacting with them creates a bond of loyalty. In addition, you can get to know your buyer person.
  • Create profiles in the right places. While you want visibility, it is not convenient for you to saturate your brand on every existing social network. Rather, think about which network suits your brand.

On the other hand, don’t forget that one of the of The infallible foundations of marketing are the 4 P.So you can integrate this interesting strategy into social networks.

It is true that virtual media has changed the way we sell products or services a little, but recently we have to keep up with the modern times we live in.

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