Ultimate Guide for How to find Guest Blog Posting Opportunities?

Guest Blog posting is a common practice among bloggers, in which you participate as a guest in a foreign blog. Blogging is another Inbound Marketing tool that helps us (among other things) to disseminate information of interest to both our users and potentials. Among the many ways that exist to enrich a blog, Guest Blogging is one of the most widespread.

Benefits of Guest Blog Posting

The advantages for the guest blog posting of writing a guest post on a blog that is not yours are several; from increasing your visibility and professional relationships to talking about topics that you don’t normally cover, or generating links to the blog. For its part, the blog gains different content, variety, and the possibility of attracting new users. What we call a win to win for the blog and blogger.

For example, if your blog is about futsal, and you have a small but faithful audience, you can collaborate with another friend who has a blog about football and publish a generic post about curiosities of futsal in his blog, so you will provide different content and original to its users, and you will increase your visibility through your blog.

10 Reasons To Do Guest Blog Posting

Knowing that they want to count on us either because of friendship, prestige or because they like how we write, is a pleasure, and if we can contribute our concerns and, above all, our point of view, even more. In this blogging world, what we call guest blogging is increasingly imposed, a practice that consists of publishing content on another blog or website in exchange for a link, promotion, visibility, etc…

The guest blogging then becomes a very important part of content strategy, not only because it provides the blog from different points of view, but also because thanks to the guest blogging many other benefits that you will form in this framework are achieved online.

Have you ever been asked to write as a guest blogger in a blog? Participating as a guest blogging in a blog only brings you benefits, both as a personal brand and to grow as a professional.

You get more exposure. Creating content in another blog, you extend the reach and above all, you attract another group of readers who begin to know you, to follow you, and to read what you write. With this type of collaborative post, you will capture a potential audience, which will associate your name with quality content and a reliable source of information.

Increase personal relationships. The guest blogging will help you to let you know, connect with new audiences and communities, especially gradually increase gradually your network of contacts and references.

Help promote your personal brand or branding image. If you want to be known and know you for your work and for your content, guest blogging is a good practice to get it. Little by little, the target audience of that blog will be related to the topic you write about, you will generate a community and a network of contacts that can be most useful to you.

Greater visibility in your social profiles.

In a guest post, you sign as who you are, putting the links you want to your social networks. Making guest blogging will allow you to improve that visibility and presence. If users like how you write, they will start following you on social networks to see what topics you talk about, share your content, etc.

It helps you improve your ability to write. When we are invited to an event, we always try to show our best face to give the best of ourselves. The same goes for the contents. The way we have to write is our cover letter. And as such, we tend to strive more so that the content is perfect, adding value to the user and making him reflect. Putting effort into writing good content, develops our ideas, strengthens our knowledge and what is best, helps us learn day after day.

You grow in experience and as a professional. Once you start writing as a guest in a blog, as time goes by, you feel more confident about yourself, the content you do, and especially your skills. The guest blogging will help you open your mind, increase business visibility on the Internet, and especially to polish your mistakes to be better.
It allows you to get qualified referral traffic.

When a visit to the blog arrives, it is because that person has liked the content. If you continue to add value to this content, you have many possibilities that these simple visits end up becoming loyal users who frequently visit the blog and feel the need to read you every time you write.

It specializes in what you like most. You can open your mind, know what type of post-work and which do not, and not only that, but you will improve day by day. Not only because you are writing better and more confident, but also because you will have much more experience.

You get a loyal audience, not just traffic. It is easy to get traffic on a blog, buying it, but it is not easy to make that traffic become a loyal audience that reads you daily. The traffic you earn through a guest post is an audience that you have already won, that looks for your content because they like how you write, and above all, they are curious to know what you are going to offer them in the following posts.

You improve SEO. When you publish a post, they allow you to add a link to your own blog. If the blog where you do guest blogging has notoriety, that link can be very valuable to improve your positioning in Google.

How to be a good guest blogger?

Once you’ve decided to collaborate on a blog as a guest blogger, don’t forget to:

Know well where you are going to write. Soak up the blog, see what kind of content is written, how is its philosophy, and if you are able to adapt to it. The secret of a good collaboration is to make sure that what we are going to publish in that blog will contribute something to the user.

Share useful and quality content. Being a guest blogger means sharing your knowledge to help your readers.
Always avoid the self-pump. You have not come to talk about your book, but to expand your knowledge and above all to show what you know to potential readers who can follow you. Advertising who you are, what you do and how you do it causes rejection.

A good and complete bio is essential. Do not forget to accompany each of your posts with a short biography about you, which is accompanied by a photo and links to both your personal blog in case you have it and your social networks.

Accept criticism. Constructive criticism is good and will help you grow as a blogger. There is nothing better than a good suggestion that helps you improve.

Do not post something you would never put on your blog. Be selective and do not write for writing. Always publish the best content.

As you can see, being a guest blogger has many advantages. Not only is it an opportunity to improve our visibility, but to build a reputation, grow as a professional and have a wider network of contacts to give that boost to your personal brand.

How to find Guest Blog Posting Opportunities?

  1. Replace “Your Keyword” to your niche keyword in the search ideas list below.
    2. Google any line to search.
    3. Open all results (websites) in separate tabs.
    4. Open the “Contact Us” page and submit your Guest Post Request.


“Your Keyword” “Add Articles”
“Your Keyword” “Add Content”
“Your Keyword” “Submit Article”
“Your Keyword” “Submit Post”
“Your Keyword” “Add Guest Post”
“Your Keyword” “Bloggers Wanted”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Post”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Posts Roundup”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Blogging Spot”
“Your Keyword” “Write for Us”
“Your Keyword” “Submit a Guest Post”
“Your Keyword” “Submit Guest Post”
“Your Keyword” “Become a Guest Blogger”
“Your Keyword” “Submit a Guest Article”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Post Guidelines”
“Your Keyword” “Guest Bloggers Wanted”
“Your Keyword” “Submit an Article”
“Your Keyword” “Group Writing Project”
“Your Keyword” “Want to Write for”
“Your Keyword” “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”
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“Your Keyword” “Become a Guest Writer”
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