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Digital Marketing Consultant in Ahmedabad, India

I believe in the scientific method applied to online marketing, hence creating the Numerical Marketing concept or the name that our blog bears: Numerical Blog. We take our work very seriously, and I consider that success comes after arduous research work. Where hypotheses are made, constant A / B testing is carried out, and decisions are made in real-time during the life of our products. Campaigns. This way, I manage to optimize them constantly and that our clients get the best performance and results with their investments ( ROI ).

The keys to the Numerical Manifesto are in Digital Marketing:

  • Mark your steps and exceed your expectations.                 
  • Have analytical insight.
  • It guarantees the best impact.
  • A / B Testing, analyze results.
  • Create, imagine and dream.
  • Increase the number of connected users.

It does not matter if you run a small, medium or large company.

• Increasing the sales volume of products or services.
• Increasing revenue in terms of numbers.
• Expanding operations to other countries.

Many brands create content, but few do it the right way and have implemented a complete SEO strategy. And those few are the ones that position themselves and those that have visibility.

A digital marketing consultant knows the complete strategy and knows how to integrate their actions so that the results are remarkable in your company’s bottom line. That strategy includes:

SEO audit: Analysis of the status of all the elements that affect the positioning of your website. It will be the starting point of the entire strategy.
Market study: Identification of the needs of your audience, searches they carry out, interests … Before working on your positioning, it is essential to know what you want to position yourself.
Link building: Tactic to increase your website’s authority by generating external links that point to it efficiently and professionally.
SEO content marketing advice: You need to create valuable content that attracts your target audience, retains it, and generates conversions. SEO content is the most powerful tool.
Strategic optimization: This will depend on the objectives of your business. Taking them into account, we will mark some guidelines for action or others so that the positioning you get is aligned with them.
LINK JUICE: Technique applied by an SEO consultant to increase the authority of your domain through the network of internal links. These types of techniques are especially effective in domains with a lot of content.
Contextual optimization: How the content of a page is structured also conditions its positioning.
Density reports: Another factor to work on is the density of keywords. It must be at optimal levels to understand what we are talking about and show the content when the user makes a related query.
WPO: Optimization of your website so that the loading speed is as fast as possible. Google and the user will thank you.
WEB ANALYTICS: Essential to improving the results of the actions implemented. An SEO consultant knows how to interpret the metrics obtained and propose the most appropriate measures.
Information architecture: The great forgotten and one of the elements that facilitate the indexing of a website and its positioning.
TRACKING STUDY: If this study is not carried out, there are likely pages on your website that Google has not been able to access and which, therefore, will not be able to give visibility
Keywords cannibalization: This is one of the biggest mistakes brands make without a professional SEO consultant. It is straightforward to fall into ignorance: What will lead you to descend.
Conversion optimization: The result of the SEO strategy should be to generate conversions. You must have a global vision of the entire process so that you don’t just get visibility.
Indexing study: Likewise, Google must add your content to its index. Both steps are essential to appear in the search engine.
Technical optimization: There are many technical aspects involved in positioning. For example, the server, the source code used, the meta-tags, and some other factors… A professional SEO consultant will know how to fine-tune them.
Google my business: Having a company profile on Google will allow you to reach your client in a closer and more accessible way. And it will also give you greater visibility.