Battery performance or speed on the iPhone. We can choose what suits us

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The iphone battery and performance they have failed to respond to the gradual degradation experienced as the charge cycles accumulate. The fact that Apple is deliberately slowing down its mobile devices as new models and software updates emerge has sparked a lot of controversy which we echo in the following lines.

IPhone Battery and Performance

IPhone Battery and Performance

Are we facing new cases of planned obsolescence? This is the question that has been circulating in many media and digital platforms in recent days about iPhone battery and performance. Apple, established as one of the leading companies in the international sale of smartphones, has just launched the announcement that users will have the option to choose between maintaining the performance of their iPhone or reducing its speed in order to keep some of the battery life itself.

The well-known company tried to explain that this new action was intended as an innovative security policy for avoid overheating and the possible risk of inflammation that can be produced.

In any case, users were annoyed that Apple was slowing down the iPhone when a new model went on sale, even though its battery was in perfect condition. Faced with this situation, it was decided to give users permission to examine whether it is practical reduce device capacity To preserve battery life or continue to use the product despite problems such as unwanted restarts or accidental power outages.

Apple’s own advisor, Tim Cook, has announced that soon the iOS operating system will incorporate a new feature that will allow users keep the original maintenance. And that, therefore, all security measures can be voluntarily disabled.

Among other things, it is determined that the user will now have the option of viewing battery status information, all to avoid an untimely restart. In addition to specifying that whenever you need it, you can turn it off.

What do you think of this information published by Apple on the IPhone Battery and Performance?

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