Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram in 2021

Currently, one of the social networks that has gained the greatest presence and importance in our society is that of InstagramSince the official start in October 2010, the loan for the development of this online community can be granted to two people.

These are Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom that thanks to their actions today we have this social network that allows us to easily share images, photos, videos and gifs on almost any topic with the rest of the world.

The Instagram social network has two methods of access, the first through the official website and the second through the application compatible with devices that work through Android or iOS systems.

The latter has gained and achieved enormous popularity more than fifty-eight million five hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store From all over the world, users who use it have shared many positive opinions, which gives it a very high rating.

What are the pros and cons of Instagram?

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Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram

Have you ever wondered what positive and negative things to watch out for on Instagram? Because at this moment there are still people who don’t Instagram account and in a moment of doubt, there is still thought about whether to create it or, on the contrary, it should not be done, here I am telling you all the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram. I am already telling you the positive sides of Instagram are bigger and heavier.

I’m going to tell you all the pros and cons so you can create your account and join it Instagram community. Along with some features that have been considered annoying by several users and that ruin the experience in some ways, these are the following:

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